WCS Integration With HAIRobotic

In September 2022, Infolog implemented Hai Robotics’ Autonomous Case-handling Robot (ACR) system at Republic Polytechnic Industry Center. The demo features three HAIPICK A42 Multi-Layer ACR, HAIPORT, and HAIPORT-powered On-Conveyor Picking HAISTATION, which are key components of HAIPICK System.

In Singapore, it is important to achieve the maximum utilization of the warehouse storage space. With 5.2 m picking and storage height, the HAIPICK system enables the customers to improve storage density by 80 – 400% along with a 3 – 4 fold increase in picking efficiency at the workstation.
Infolog integrated the WMS with Hai Robotics ACR system and the RYBO Pick-to-Light system.

In this demo project, Infolog has showcased the application of ‘dark store’ concept in the warehouse, where a worker only needs to ‘click and collect’ to retrieve items for the order. In the fully digitalized and automated warehouse, the workers select the order on the screen at workstation and the ACR brings the cartons from high-bay rack to the workers. The operator only needs to pick the correct amount of items and place them in the right bin location on PTL rack, which are all indicated by the WMS. This innovative model largely enhances the productivity and accuracy in operations.

As one of the leading Logistics & Supply Chain Management Solutions providers in Southeast Asia, Infolog has developed strong partnership with automation hardware over the region throughout the past decade. With strong integration capacity, Infolog deploys the latest proven technologies in the market to develop its suite of software. User-friendliness and operation-friendliness is at the core of what we do and create an experience that surpasses conventional web-applications.

Services Infolog Can Offer:

• Digitalization, warehouse optimization & automation advisory planning
• Solution concepting with or without hard data
• Investment and return on investment (ROI) projection
• Hypercare support
• Comprehensive after-sales support
• Integration with robotic arm, pick to light, conveyor system, AGV/AMR, vertical storage system, automated storage retrieval system, voice/RFID, etc.